Atlantic City Roulette

If you are looking for live online roulette dealer, then you should try Dublin bet. This site provides you a lot of fun. You are able to enjoy the game of roulette for free or for genuine money or just for fun. Dublin bet is the best option for those who like live online casino games and crave to play roulette.

Now you can easily join a live dealer game, with the help of internet and brilliant technology, which allows web streaming that use Java. You can enjoy the games directly from your home in real time. You can observe the live action and can play at the same time. Dublin Bet is actually a real casino, which is situated in Dublin, a city in Ireland.

Working of the live roulette game

High tech camera mechanism is installed inside this casino. This covers live roulette games. These camera systems also cover other games as well. The best thing about this casino is that one can enjoy the games together with other players, who are actually playing from the real casino.

You can also see the dealer placing the bets and spinning the roulette wheel. This is not all you can also listen to what the other players are saying as well as the dealer, who announce the numbers. You are able to hear the ball that spins around the wheel as you watch the entire action.

To watch and plat the roulette games, you will need the latest version of Java in your computer. You can check on the internet, whether you have the latest, software installed or not. In case, you do not have it, then you can easily download it from Java website for free. Another way is through the link given on the site of Dublin Bets. Java is required to stream live images straight to the pc.

Play for free or for real money

You will not be able to believe this, until you see this. Once you get the software installed in your computer, you can do this easily. Within some time, you will be able to play live roulette for free. If you want a bit more excitement, then you can play for actual money instead of playing free.

For playing with real money, you will have to deposit minimum 50 Euros. After you deposit the money at the beginning, you will get a 100 percent cash back welcome bonus. With all these facilities, playing live roulette becomes even more exciting. You can feel the live action directly from your home either for free or for real cash.