A man known by the name of Fibonacci created a simple system, which can be very beneficial for you when you play roulette. He was born in Pisa Italy in A.D. 1170. The system that he developed was a simple mathematical technique, which is applicable to nature generally. If a player follows this technique of numbers then he can win in the game of Roulette. The numbers in this system are 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, and so on.

At the first look, it will seem complicated, but this is not the case. It is simple, as you have to add every number to the other number ahead it. For instance, 1+0= 1, and then 1+1= 2 and the system go on like 2+1 = 3 then 3 +2 = 5, and so on. You have to add each number to the result that you get after adding the previous number. If you apply this technique to the game of roulette, then your bet will be the number, which comes after that in the sequence of numbers. In case, you lose the bet will be added to the number, which is last in the number series. However, in case you win, then you will remove the last number from the sequence.

For instance if you bet one unit and you lose, then it will come to 1- 1. In the same way if you bet one unit and you lose, then it will be calculated as 1-1- 2. If you bet, two units and then you lose, and then it will be 1-1-2 -4 and if you bet three units and then win the bet then the units will be 1-x-x -1.

How to employ the system for winning at roulette

You have to begin with one unit, which you bet with, if you use this roulette system. This will be same even for the second unit. In case, you lose both the bets, then you will bet for both the units that you have lost in the next bet, together with two for a possible profit. If you can enfold your mind just about this roulette system, then you should get a clear picture.

Disadvantages of this system

But this system can be vicious in case you strike a losing streak. A personal suggestion is to stop playing after a series of three losses in a chain. You just have to maintain the total of this system in your mind, even if you acquire a break. There is no need to get attached or overly emotional to your losing streak.

You can have loads of fun with this system, if you employ practicality, common sense, plot, and no emotions when you play roulette. It is suggested to keep the bet to the lowest possible size, which is generally 5 dollars. Therefore, if you want to win in the game of roulette, then this system can help you to enhance your chances of winning and reduce your losses.