Las Vegas Roulette

In Las Vegas, there are just thirteen or fourteen casinos, which offers single zero roulette. This will depend, in case you count Rio. Out of these few casinos, only four offers European Roulette. The other casinos offer the American Roulette.

In the European single zero roulette77 there are total thirty-seven numbers. This gives the players an edge over the casino. The casino advantage is just 1.35 percent. Whereas, in American single zero roulette, the casino advantage is 2.70 percent. In American double zero roulette; the casino advantage is 5.36 percent.

Las Vegas Roulette

You can find the top Las Vegas roulette at Mirage and MGM. Wynn and Bellagio are suggested as well, if the bankroll is not a problem. These casinos give you European roulette, which has a single zero in place of 0 and 00. You get half of your even money stake like Black and Red, when the single zero comes up. In the other casinos, your entire money is taken.

The minimum size of a bet can alter according to year or time of a day, but you can find 25 dollars minimum bet at Mirage and MGM, and 100 dollars at Bellagio and Wynn. All these casinos have 20,000 dollars highest even money bets, except in MGM, which has the maximum bet of 10,000 dollars. These four casinos have 1.35 percent Roulette House Edge.

For minimum bets you can g for Stratosphere, which has 10 dollars bets on single zero wheel. However, the rules are of American Roulette, which means the casino advantage is of 2.70 percent. If you want average to low roller, then these are your finest roulette odds.

Availability of different roulette

Paris generally opens the single zero wheel on heavy traffic days like the Superbowl or the New Year's Eve. LV Hilton offers the single zero only on special request.

The Rio offers the single zero roulette to only a single player, which is not accessible to any other player. This is why Rio Baccarat croupiers and locals have always seen a single zero at the Rio. However, managers say that it is not accessible.

The Mirage, Venetian, and MGM have single zero as well, on the regular floor.

Las Vegas Roulette - The House edge

The player has 1.35 percent disadvantage with the European rules. Moreover, the percentage is 2.70 in American single zero, only if half of the even money wager is not given back. Other tables of roulette in Las Vegas consist of 00 and 0 and take your entire money if you lose. In this situation, the casino advantage is 5.26 percent, so these are not recommended. The 2.70 percent roulette is still acceptable because of the less number of spins in each hour as compared to faster games that has lower edges.

Electronic Roulette is quite speedy as the spins are speeded up each hour to almost sixty. This is a faster variation and it is recommended to those players who want to play faster roulette. Some of the casinos that offer Electronic Roulette include Bally's, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Monte Carlo, Palace Station, and many more.