When it comes to the game of roulette, each player wants to increase his chances of winning. There are numerous betting systems, which claim to win big amount on each spin. Many players have created their own exclusive roulette strategy, yet the one that is more admiring is the Martingale system. This one is a progressive system, which is simple to employ and could be very advantageous.


This strategy is very simple as compared to the other systems employed by a casino player. In this strategy, the player bets on an even-money, outside bets. In case, the player loses the starting bet, he doubles the bet on the following spin.

This strategy is identified as a progressive system. This is because the players double their bets after every loss. In this way, the winning wager will be able to pay off sufficient amount to make a little income on the session. Following a big win a player drop his bet back to table minimum and then restart the entire process.

For instance if in the first spin a player bets 10 dollars on Black and lose the first bet, then on the subsequent spin he will bet 20 dollars on the black. If he loses the bet then the total loss is 30 dollars. In the next spin, he bets 40 dollars on Black and win then he will be able to pay off 30 dollars and can earn 10 dollars. This system offers a constructive theoretical pace of return. Though you earn minimum profit, yet this strategy does show promise. Players who are losing from a long time can replenish their bankrolls in just one win.


Casinos often implement limitations, which averts players from taking complete benefit of this system. Most of the roulette tables have conventional maximum betting amounts. This is why players do not use this system when they are on an extensive losing streak. Moreover, as unlimited cash is not available to the players, an extended losing streak cripples a player's bankroll.

Concept of reverse martingale

In some of the games like baccarat and blackjack, another application of this strategy can be found. This is called to be the "Reverse Martingale" system. According to this system, players bet minimum when they are losing, and increase the bet after a win. This allows the players to augment their winnings and reduce their losses.

Casino bankroll management

Even the most favorable roulette system is useless, if the player do not have sufficient money to play. Skills of casino bankroll management permit a player to evaluate the size of his bets as per the size of the playing bankroll. Numerous players employ poor bankroll management by betting high stakes for their bankroll. Those who use this system mostly play with 100 to 500 times of the minimum bet. No system can actually guarantee big wins at roulette. However, this system needs minimum efforts and leads to short-term gains.