Terms of Conditions

We are one of the best online casinos of the world and we provide the best services to our customers or users. To use our casino you have to follow the rules of our casino and in any case you violate our rules we have the authority to terminate your account without any notice. You have to follow the rules below to play games on our casino.

1. You have to open a real account within the promotion period to be an eligible account holder unless you will not be eligible.

2. If you are eligible for the free bonus promotion you will get $1500 free bonus but if you don't open the account in the promotion time you will not get the bonus.

3. The free bonus has a time frame and you have to use the bonus with 60 minutes and if you can't use the $1500 within this time your bonus will be null after this time frame.

4. The time it will cost to download and prepare the software to play games will be included with these 60 minutes so it will be better to use a high speed internet connection.

5. This bonus is a promotional feature and you can't use it as the part to play the normal casino games.

6. You have to use the software and the start the promotion within 7 days your account has been opened unless the promotion will be neglected by us.

7. You can't use the try again button and if you do so you're the clock will be restarted and your promotional bonus will be null. You have to use the try again button before the sixty minutes passed.

8. You can't reclaim the winnings after using the try again button. We never take the responsibility if anything happen during these 60 minutes.

9. The player can win only $100 by using this bonus amount and if you win more than $100 by using this $1500, your account will be credited by only $100.

10. To add the winnings to your main account you have to play 20 bets, and if you fail to do so then your balance will be null. You have to purchase at least $40 from your real account to win using the bonus account balance. You have to win more than $20 including the bonus $1500 unless your account will not be credited with the $100 winnings.

11. You have to use all your bets to be eligible to get the winnings and if you can't use all your bets on this time frame you bonus balance will be null and the fund will be taken from your real account.

12. If you claim your winnings with the promotion you will not be able to participate in the 2nd chance wheel.