Roulette Calculator

With the help of Roulette, statistics and roulette prediction one can work out roulette real time numerical figures. This software program stocks up real-time online spins and works out the statistics, which you need in a single click. More than hundreds of bets are computed and even statistically tabulated.

Benefits of the Roulette calculator

This software also analyzes data for single streets, splits, lines, corners, evens, twelve and column roulette bets. One can also see the previous time when a bet won or a bet lost. This is not all you can also see the best streaks of wins and losses and can see the number that crops up more frequently. You can even make your individual custom bets for this system in order to track and calculate.

Make custom betting strategies with this software

You can make your own betting strategies with the help of this software and can test then by employing the exclusive random number generator. This will check which setting is suitable. The computer computes the next best bet or the bets to make depending on the accumulated data. It also computes the amount to wager on each bet as per the betting strategy that you design.

You have a choice of five in-built betting strategies that includes a modified capped martingale system, the D'Alembert system and a modified Labouchere system. This provides you a chance to set individual bet maximums and have the feature of La Partage.

This software has a convenient interface, which allows a player to enter spin data in one click on the graphical interface of the roulette table. A player can easily see the Real time figures for every calculated bets in the fast statistics window, which appears on the main screen just by a click on the bet position. All this can be done by an easy click of mouse on the graphical interface. This comprises of neighbor bets, French bets and a player's own custom bets.